Best Deposit Bonuses Offered By Online Casinos

Best Deposit Bonuses Offered By Online Casinos

Considering the upsurge of online casinos on the web and the fact that more are being set up almost every month, online punters are currently presented with a very large number of gambling sites than ever before. Although this might be a great thing for many players, online casinos are engaged in stiff competition trying to get as many players to join their sites as possible. Every online casino is creating new clever ways of enticing and luring new players and retaining the existing ones.

One clever way that many online casinos have managed to attain this is by offering new and existing players an array of bonus offers and other promotional incentives. The good news is that online casinos offer these bonuses regularly. This is a great way for casino fanatics to extend their time playing at the casino and ultimately boost their chances of winning big when playing at the casino. These free bonus offers give players free money to play casino games with and if it’s their lucky day, they can win real cash even without getting to spend their own money.

Nevertheless, one important thing that every player ought to understand is that that online casino thinks of these promotional and bonus offers as forms of investment, just like comps and junkets that are offered by land-based casinos. The main concept behind these great offers is to offer gamblers with incentives to come back to the online casino make a real money deposit and play real money casino games at the establishment.

Some various requirements and restrictions have been crafted by online casinos and it is vital for any player that receives these bonuses to comply with these conditions if they ever wish to withdraw any winnings made when playing with the casino bonus. Nonetheless, this should never be a deterrent because these casino bonuses can be very rewarding of cleverly used. As mentioned earlier, you can use the bonus to boost your winnings or lengthen the duration you spend wagering at the casino. The most important thing to do if you want to claim any of these casino bonuses is to find out whether the bonus is worthwhile.

Difference Between Play Bonuses and Cash Bonuses

Before we move on to the different types of deposit bonuses, it is important that you first understand the difference between play bonuses and cash bonuses. This is very important, but it’s often ignored by many players.

Many experienced players have attested to the fact that a cash bonus is more lucrative to their endeavors at the casino mainly because this is free money that can be cashed out after a player has met the wagering requirements.

With a cash bonus, players are allowed to cash out their winnings if they have played and meet all the wagering requirements as outlined in the terms and conditions of the bonus. Besides your winnings, you are also allowed to cash out the bonus money if there was any that was left in your account. This means that even if you can lose your cash when trying to clear the wagering requirements, you still get a chance to cash out any remaining bonus credit.

These types of cash bonuses are available after you have completed signing up at the casino and deposited funds into your account.

On the other hand, there is the play bonus, which is a bonus given by the casino but can only be used to play casino games, which means you can never cash out this bonus money as cash even after you have met the wagering requirements. After you have been playing at the casino to clear the wagering conditions, the bonus credits that remain in your account are removed automatically from your account immediately after you have requested to cash out your winnings. Also, the extra winnings you make after playing with this bonus money are released from your casino account if the playthrough conditions are met. However, if luck is not on your side and you happen to lose some of your cash as you try to cover the wagering conditions, the lost funds are from your bankroll (deposits) and not the bonus credits. The bonus credits will only be deducted after you have lost all your deposit and there are no extra funds in your casino account.

These types of casino bonus offers are referred to as ‘phantom’ or ‘sticky’ bonuses. As you will notice, most online casinos do not like talking much about these play bonuses. However, it should be easy for you to differentiate between these offers based on the words used in the terms and conditions of the bonuses. For instance, the play bonus will have some words such as “playthrough only”, which means the bonus can only be utilized in wagering, but can never be cashed out.

Deposit Bonuses Offered By Casinos

Different types of bonuses make internet casinos the best destination for many players. You can receive the bonus money after you have made the initial deposit, but always remember that this varies based on the rules set forth by the casino. Some of the deposit bonuses you can claim  includes:

Welcome Bonuses

These are bonuses offered to new players who have just signed up at the casino and deposited funds into their account. The casino matches their deposit up to a certain limit.

Free Spins

Free spins are offered alongside the welcome bonus after a player has made a deposit. These are extra spins that give players more money to play casino slots.

Cashback Bonuses

These bonuses give you a chance to claim back some of the money that you had deposited initially and unfortunately lost playing casino games.

Deposit Option Bonuses

Deposit option bonuses are offered by online casinos to players who have used a certain deposit method to upload funds to their casino accounts.

The most important factor to consider when joining an online casino is whether the bonuses offered are worthwhile.