Kingdoms rise: captains treasure

In Kingdoms Rise: Captain's Treasure, a new installment in the popular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, players return to the Caribbean where they search for more treasures in order to increase their score and their fortunes. Unlike previous Pirates of the Caribbean games, in which each level was a self-contained adventure with its own storyline, in Kingdoms Rise: Captain's Treasure the entire game is linked together through a common storyline. This increases the replay value but also increases the difficulty as players must make decisions about which stories to follow and how to weave them together within the larger context of the game's universe.

If you are familiar with the Pirates of the Caribbean series, you will feel right at home when playing this newest entry. That's because the game uses the same colorful, lively style of visual design that made the earlier games so memorable. This time, the art style is more vibrant, with environments rendered in 3D and the interface more user friendly than before. Although the interface and game play is simpler than past Pirates of the Caribbean games, this does not mean that it lacks any substance or complexity. The game takes a clear direction from its predecessors, and pays close attention to the details that make a Pirates of the Caribbean game memorable.

As an example of what I mean by this having to do with the story, let's talk about the various captains that players can choose to follow during their journey through the islands. Captain Hector Barbossa is the first to take an interest in your quest and offers several quests that are geared towards increasing your cash and XP levels. He is followed by the gruff pirate captain Salazar and his loyalists. The three pirates each have specific strengths and weaknesses and using these to your advantage during your quest should make your experience more pleasant. Fortunately, there is a large, high, and extremely valuable prize behind the scenes that you will need to find in order to advance the story and win the game.

In addition to a large prize, there are two other features in Kingdoms Rise: captain's treasure and gold coins. The gold coins are given out by a few different places throughout the game, but the most valuable of them are found in the last portion of the game, right near the shipwreck where you encounter Salazar and his cronies. The treasure is worth a great deal of money and allows you to purchase powerful items for your captain's crew. You can also hire new crew members through the purchase of new slots and cards, which improve your ability to defeat bigger opponents.

In addition to the treasure, the gold coins in Kingdoms Rise: captain's Treasure is worth quite a bit of money per coins. You can get upwards of seven or eight gold coins from each location, and you even collect more as you progress through the game. The actual gold pieces are used for item purchases in the slot game and later on in the card game. Unlike the previous Pirates of the Caribbean games where the money came from loot, money from the coins in Kingdoms Rise: captain's Treasure is earned after earning a certain amount of points. This means that the money comes faster, and there are several opportunities to purchase expensive equipment and weapons.

The appearance of the Rise: captain's treasure slot is quite different than its predecessors. Instead of featuring the familiar sprockets and coins, it features a wavy texture instead of the solid black and red ones. It is possible to miss several times over the repeated text sounds used for purchasing items, and the same texture appears on all of the gold coins that you collect, making it difficult to tell which symbols are regular symbols and which are special icons.