Better wilds

Better Wilds is a casino slot game that combines the best elements of other casino games. In fact, it is a combination of online casino slots and the popular classic Wild West theme. For example, players can play the game by clicking on certain icon that resembles a cowboy hat or a sheriff's badge. These virtual items cause the icons to flash with different colors that signify certain values that are part of the Wild West.

Playtech is among the largest online slot manufacturers in the market. To date, it has released more than 500 casino games including fan favorites like Buffalo Blitz. However, it is still sleeping on the huge popularity of these slots. It continually expands its lineup with exciting new games like the all-time favorite online slot Better Wilds.

One of the best features of Better Wilds is its re-spin feature. This re-spin enables players to earn cash by re-spinning it more times. This earns them bonus points that can later be converted into cash. Once a player has accumulated enough bonus points, he or she can purchase spins with actual money to improve their chances of winning bigger jackpots. Moreover, players can also purchase certain preferred icons that allow them to play better wilds for larger winnings.

The re-spinning allows players to change the icon that causes the game to re-spin. This gives players a chance to choose the best icon that best describes their playing style. Apart from the graphics and unique features of the game, the re-spin option also offers players an opportunity to play the game using different strategies. There are a total of 25 paylines in Better Wilds, which makes this slot machine a better wild slots game to play.

Better Wilds features a simple layout of icons over a black background. Unlike other slot games that have a number of bright colors, the icons in Better Wilds are all gray. This makes the game more attractive and easy to follow. Although the graphics may not be the best, the overall appearance of the Better Wilds slot machine is above average.

When players tap on the icons of Better Wilds, they will get to see a number of features and functions such as re-spinning, bonus points, and icon placements. Players can also use a quick change feature where they can switch between the 25 symbols displayed on the re-spinning icon. Some icons display two or more sets of symbols, while others just display one set of symbols. The graphics and colors used in the Better Wilds slot gaming machine are colorful and very vibrant, making the game more attractive to players.